5 things I wish I knew before starting University

It’s hard to be a student but it is hard to be a student and trying to survive during a pandemic. Who thought that we would be able to multitask that much?

In the last 3 weeks I’ve checked my colleague’s opinions and I came to 5 things in common.

1.It’s hard to be new

I’m a shy person until I adjust. You know that awkward moment when you think that everyone looks at you and judges you? Rookie mistake I know. It’s hard to socialise nowadays (it’s just social media meetings!) and it’s hard to build up relationships.

TIP: Imagine that those people are naked and they notice in the last moment before entering the classroom, trust me this will work and it will make you laugh. 😊

2. It’s hard to keep up the pace with some courses.

Some courses are really interesting and you don’t feel how fast the time passes. (is the Reversed Flash in the building?). But some courses are … draining, you need them but you would like to be better without them.  It’s like having cellulite, you are not bothered about it but sometimes you would hit the gym to get rid of it.

TIP: At one point you will use that information, so ‘patience you must have, my young padawan’.

3. Online shopping is a curse and… a blessing

I’m not a shopaholic but sometimes is so hard to resist the temptation. I start buying one thing then another, which another leads to… well you get the point. How would you explain that I’m not a coffee drinker but I’ve managed to buy a Tassimo machine?

TIP: You have to learn the difference between wants and needs (wink wink, see the course from last week). Even the Godfather can’t make you an offer you can’t refuse if you understand that difference.

4. The adulthood. Sucks!

‘Grow up they said, it will be fun they said’. Starting university is the first step of adulthood, being away from parents and getting to understand responsibilities. It’s hard to learn how to cook for yourself or to get organised but “after all, tomorrow is another day!”.

TIP: Think about that you are in Sims and you have to start a new life in the game. You have to gain skills and to learn how to live a life. How hard can it be?

5. Future looks like Terminator

When lockdown was imposed it was March and then poof! Now it is October. I think someone pressed fast forward and I lost track of the last months. One thing I’ve learned is that I’ve underestimated time and now I have to work on my time management. It looks like I will need a bigger boat for my assessments as they travel in time like Terminator. 

TIP: Keep up the pace in regards your assignments but also work on your time management. ‘Time is money’ and it can’t be recovered from your drive.

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