Who is Cassandra Clare?

Looking through my interviews, I’ve noticed a pattern, I can say that I have met my long time crushes. Wow, don’t go that far, I am not Robinson Crusoe and you have a very twisted mind. 🙂

I meant I had the opportunity to make the interviews possible with people I’ve admired on social media for a long time.

Cassandra Clare is one of those people I’ve followed on social media since I was in highschool. Now I really do sound like a stalker, I swear it is just my excitement talking.

I remember her comics on Tumblr (social media who?!) were trending every day because everyone was having a bad hair day or being too insecure to speak up to their crush.

What I’ve learned? Cassandra is a cool Romanian Wonder woman who knows how to use her passion to depict human lifestyle in illustrations.

Blogulcăutat: (me trying to be cool) Who is Cassandra Clare?

Cassandra Clare: In a few words, I have been a comic creator based in Canada since I was 10. I love what I do and I am a perfectionist. I overreact in my comics and I am really shy in real life. I believe everyone has a drama queen in his/her DNA. 🙂

Blogulcăutat: You mentioned that you moved to Montreal? Why Canada and not other countries?

Cassandra Clare: My parents wanted to move abroad and had to choose between Canada and Australia. We had family and friends already living in Canada so it was a comfortable decision.

It was quite easy for me to adjust, I already knew English and French was really straightforward. It didn’t felt like I was an outcast because in Canada there are a lot of immigrants which made me feel I am part of a community. Now Canada is home. 🙂

Blogulcăutat: How would you compare the educational system in Canada against the one in Romania?

Cassandra Clare: I was in fourth grade when I left Romania. I remember I had a teacher which scared me so much. Her attitude was so bad that I was worried she would snap at one point.

When I arrived in Canada, I was shocked. You could have a relaxed conversation with your teacher, you were pushed to explore your curiosities. It was the same when I attended University, I really enjoyed being in this educational system.

Blogulcăutat: What can you talk about for hours that when you talk about it, you light up?

Cassandra Clare: My passion for drawing! I think I’ve learned how to draw before I have learned how to talk. (she giggles) Now on a serious note, my parents were usually telling me off because I was drawing on the walls and on their furniture. I am thankful that they continue to believe in me and send me to an Arts School.

It is actually a funny story about how I developed the passion for drawing into comics. Along with one of my best friends we started making comics about our childhood in Romania. It was a funny way to keep in touch with our friends from Romania. Those drawings are kept well hidden and it became a popular inside joke with my close friends.

This made me think that I really enjoyed the idea of journaling and I started to create comics about my curly hair and my daily struggles. And people enjoyed it! I didn’t have high expectations and I was creating these comics just for fun.

Blogulcăutat: I’ve seen that you recently attended Comic Con, how would you describe the experience?

Cassandra Clare: IT WAS AWESOME! However, I describe myself as an introvert and I am not used to huge gatherings. I was assured that it would be a small crowd, but they had a really different perception on how a small crowd looks.(she laughs) But I really enjoyed the warm welcome from Lithuania and I had lots of fun.:)

Blogulcăutat: How long does it take to create a comic?

Cassandra Clare: Depends! I try to do two sketches per day, if I do not get distracted. Sometimes it could take longer and sometimes it could take less, that depends on how many ideas I have.

I usually work on my comics on my weekdays, I do not work under any tight schedule but I like to be in control with the amount of comics I make. I try to take my inspiration from every random thing because someone out there could have a bad day and my comics could help him go through the door.

Blogulcăutat: What apps do you use for your comics?

Cassandra Clare: Sometimes I make the sketch on a notepad and continue on Photoshop. It’s easy, accessible and it worked out really well for me. I have done many trials and errors until I discovered my style. Now my personal touch is the detailed frizzy hair with a mix of cartoon/realistic situations.

Blogulcăutat: What is your greatest achievement since creating comics?

Cassandra Clare: I am really proud to say I created a community. 🙂 The followers reacted so well and positively to the whole concept, I usually check the comments section and I can see people engaging with stories about their life. Plus I love that I make them laugh, we really need this in our life.

Blogulcăutat: How does social media benefit your project?

Cassandra Clare: Nowadays I feel that social media doesn’t help content creators like me and you.Instagram is changing the algorithms too often and I do not use Reels for my comics. I like to keep it old school. 🙂

Blogulcăutat: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Cassandra Clare: Still making comics! But I also want to develop my skills into graphic novels which would be a very different style than what I usually do. I do not like to make long-term plans, sometimes spontaneity can surprise you . 😀

Blogulcăutat: Any words for our readers?

Cassandra Clare: Take life in a light hearted way because we live in a strange period. Live your life to the fullest and don’t forget to laugh. 🙂

Blogulcăutat: One last question, which social media platforms do you use?

Cassandra Clare: You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and my blog.

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