Who is Northern wind?

I am that human who has too many ideas but not a single ounce of business bone to transform these ideas into something more practical. I mean, I can tell you that we can start our adventure on Mars to fight aliens. We would have to sort out how we get to NASA or to Elon Musk, a rocket, space suits… (oh yes I lost you)

One skill which I believe I am really good at it is finding people. I say that I find hidden gems in the human jungle who can provide some insights in different domains. You can call me Christopher Columbus for interviews.

This interview started on a cold November evening with some goodies from Bewiched Coffee (oh that lush hot chocolate!) and the owner of Northern wind, Rory Willis, being really nervous. But Rory’s excitement and passion for what he does, produced some really interesting and insightful stories. Let’s start, shall we? 🙂

Blogulcăutat: Hi Rory, I am really excited to have you as my guest. I have followed your activity on LinkedIn and you have some really good content. Keep up the good work!

Rory Willis: Thank you so much for having me, I am a tad nervous and all my ideas are all over the place. Oh no, I see you typing, please don’t add that to the interview. (he laughs)

Blogulcăutat: I promise is not that bad, I have just a couple of questions for you. Let’s take the bull by its horns, who is the human behind the project Northern Wind?

Rory Willis: I am a regular dude in my early twenties who loves travel, bartending and very passionate about creativity on all its forms. I wanted to start my gap year in Australia, to visit the whole country from top to bottom. However, because of Covid restrictions I had to postpone the trip.

But I had the opportunity to attend a bartending course in Amsterdam which made me fall in love with the city and the culture. It changed my perception in regards culture, nationalities and way of living. I am more of a polite person and I was shocked how direct are Dutch people! (he laughs )

Blogulcăutat: You mentioned that you took a gap year after finishing college, was that a period which clarified what you want to do when you grow up?

Rory Willis: How is that saying? “Don’t grow up,is a trap?'” I am joking, of course. Never been a solely creative person, I am more of a logical person. I always knew that I wanted to be part of a brand process. If you think, every cocktail recipe has a story which is told through the drink’s flavours. That is marketing in mixology.

My parents were really supportive and they advised me that travelling will shape my mind and create priceless memories. And they were right, subconsciously Northern wind is linked to this need of travelling.

Blogulcăutat: Do you think that the curiosity behind the brand process made you do your own brand?

Rory Willis: Yes, that’s for sure! I am a big Marvel fan and I have applied the idea of multiverse into my brand story. A few mock projects later, I was creating Northern wind. It started with a theoretical idea ”on how it would look” and it ended with me saying I want to transform this project into a tangible brand.

It took me around two days to get to a raw version because I have something which is called an useless superpower. (he laughs) I can sit in front of my laptop for hours without any ideas. Then in a random moment my senses are tingling and I can get an avalanche of ideas.

Blogulcăutat: I feel that it is really difficult to find a name for a project you care about. Was it the same when you had to choose the name Northern wind?

Rory Willis: Yes, 110% true! I wanted to encapsulate the soul of this project, to link the love for travelling and the rough start for everything in life. I am really fascinated by mountains and I wanted to share with everyone a brand which is rough around the edges, the rawness of nature.

Blogulcăutat: What do you want to promote through your brand?

Rory Willis: The focus is to showcase my journey and prove to people that I can do it. The core of Northern wind is that you can do amazing things if you push your limits. I have done extensive research on how to be sustainable and ways I can give back to the community. I am still learning because I am in the quest of doing better, in getting the best version of mine.

Blogulcăutat: What tools have you used for the brand developing?

Rory Willis: I have used basic software like Canvas & Photoshop for design, a standard website builder and Instagram for promoting. I feel that you don’t need complicated software to achieve your own perspective.

Blogulcăutat: What piece of advice will give to people interested in building their own brand?

Rory Willis: Firstly, you need to grab a pen and paper and scribble all your (random) ideas. All the best ideas come from mismatched words and ideas. Secondly, you need a bit of confidence and be brave enough to take a risk. And lastly, use people around you to support you with advice, it’s good to have a new pair of eyes to feedback your work.

Blogulcăutat: What can you talk about for hours that when you talk about it, you light up?

Rory Willis: I don’t like to be labelled that ”I like just one thing”. I tend to be passionate about all my interests, I describe myself as a free spirit. For example, today I can be very excited about marketing & how proud I am of my girlfriend Adela. And the next day, I can tell you all the reasons why I want to go to Australia.

Blogulcăutat: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Rory Willis: I see myself on the move, working on exciting projects and travelling around the world. I don’t want to be stuck in a 9-5 job where the same day is the same. I am more inclined to be a nomad who does what he likes.

Blogulcăutat: Any words for our readers?

Rory Willis: Being proud of where you are is the key because the journey can be really daunting. Once you enjoy what you do it doesn’t matter how far you will go. Enjoy every step of the process and don’t be afraid to share it with the world.

And buy our T-shirts because they are awesome! 😀

Blogulcăutat: One last question, which social media platforms do you use?

Rory Willis: You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram and the brand website.

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