Who is Dayana Wang?

I get it, time is tight. Truth is, we struggle with prioritisation. Work matters, hobbies matter, traffic is a nightmare, and eating healthy is crucial.

There are mornings when you opt for hitting the gym, and then there are mornings when you choose to snooze for an extra half hour. “Tomorrow is another day,” you say. But is it really?

Whenever I heard someone mention going to the gym, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “Are you going to magically get abs and become thin?” That was my naive question, or you could say, misconception. But no one told me about the health benefits of exercising. For instance, avoiding a stiff back and refraining from complaining that life is tough because you can’t lift anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I probably liked the idea of going to the gym and doing a functional workout. It wasn’t about getting thin, having six-pack abs, or getting a bigger bum. It was more about being better physically.

Building on this idea, I embarked on my gym journey in 2019. Initially, I started by simply going to the gym and following a set of random exercises. Later, I progressed to attending classes, where I discovered a newfound passion for crushing Zumba sessions. The energic PE and the vibrant playlist were major factors that kept me hooked.

Priorities, eh? However, as you know, the pandemic threw us all a curveball. Some of us managed to stay committed to home workouts, while others, well, let’s just say they embraced a more “fluffy and happy” lifestyle. Balancing both seems impossible. Or at least, that’s what I used to think.

That’s when I stumbled upon Dayana Wang, or perhaps it was the Instagram algorithm that stumbled upon me. In 2020, I began following Dayana on Instagram, and soon after, on YouTube. Her aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram and her simple workout videos on YouTube immediately caught my attention.

…after a few emails and overcoming the challenge of two different time zones, we finally had a chat. Wondering what we discussed? You can find out below.

Blogulcăutat: Hello Dayana, I’m thrilled to meet you and finally have the opportunity to chat about what you do. But first, could you please share a few words about yourself?

Dayana Wang: Hello Norina, I appreciate your patience. Whenever I’m asked this question, I tend to get a bit muddle up. I’m half Chinese, half Romanian, born and raised in Romania, but later immigrated to England.

Blogulcăutat: Oh, that’s a significant decision. What made you choose England over Romania?

Dayana Wang: Primarily due to bullying. As a teenager, I faced a lack of acceptance for diversity and endured hurtful name-calling, making the situation unbearable. It was a difficult period of my life, you are still a child and you want to be accepted to different groups.

Blogulcăutat:: How did the adjustment period go in England? What challenges did you encounter?

Dayana Wang: It was hard. The first two years were challenging, with a routine revolving around work and returning straight home. Nevertheless, it proved worthwhile as it began to feel like home. The people’s mentality was more open, and I noticed a greater diversity in appearance, which made everything feel more comfortable.

Blogulcăutat: Have you had the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture?

Dayana Wang: I was quite young when my parents divorced, but through research and staying in touch via email, I’ve managed to stay connected. After many years, I reunited with my father and discovered my fondness for Western culture. In contrast, Chinese culture emphasises collectivism, where family comes before individuality. For instance, during meals, if your parents finish everything on their plate, you’re expected to do the same.

Blogulcăutat: You mentioned that you immigrated to England as a teenager. Did your passion for fitness begin during that time?

Dayana Wang: Not exactly. I was employed by a modeling agency from Bucharest, and they suggested I begin hitting the gym to maintain a balanced physical appearance. Since my role primarily involved posing for them, it wasn’t overly demanding. Prior to that, I had worked in various industries like retail and swiftly moved up to management positions. However, I didn’t see it as a long-term career path for myself.

As a teenager, amidst all the changes of puberty, I began exercising in ways I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, not even my younger self. Through plenty of reading and learning to listen to my body, I gradually grasped what it truly needed. After taking a two-year break from fitness, I delved into weightlifting, and now I can proudly say I’ve built significant strength.

Blogulcăutat: How does it work a day at the gym for you?

Dayana Wang: I exclusively work with women because I aim to address common misconceptions in fitness. Many believe that lifting weights excessively will make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some think they should only focus on cardio because weightlifting is off-limits. Additionally, there’s a misconception that they should eat less and a fear of consuming proteins.

Blogulcăutat: Do you believe this misconception stems from a lack of physical education in schools?

Dayana Wang: Absolutely. I believe the new generation needs to comprehend why staying active at any age is crucial for improved overall health. You’re not hitting the gym just to achieve a shredded physique; you’re going to feel good. However, if this perspective was widely adopted, the fitness industry might not see as much success and profit.

Blogulcăutat: I have seen your social media posts and I understand that you are really busy. Can anyone sign up for your PT session?

Dayana Wang: (she smiles) Yes and no. We begin with an initial interview where we discuss goals and objectives. I strive to raise awareness and explain that achieving results, especially in fitness, requires time and consistency.

If a client shows me a picture from the internet and says, “I want to look like them quickly,” I have to be honest that it’s not feasible. Fitness marketing often promotes unrealistic appearances. Additionally, I encounter clients who request things like, “I want to lose 10 kilos in a month,” which is definitely a red flag.

Blogulcăutat: After you started working in the industry, have you noticed any fitness trends?

Dayana Wang: Nowadays, trends seem to shift every few years. Initially, there was a craze for “miracle” detox juices, with everyone wanting to lose weight quickly. However, I’m glad to see that the current trend emphasises health and wellness. More women are hitting the gym not just to shed pounds, but to feel stronger and better overall.

Blogulcăutat: Is prioritising mental health essential when adopting healthy behaviors?

Dayana Wang: There’s a lot of talk about mental health these days, but its effectiveness can vary. We’re familiar with the basics, but encountering real-life examples can leave us speechless. Take, for instance, one of my clients who feels immense guilt when she treats herself to a nice dinner at a restaurant. Additionally, I’ve had clients who sought help for food-related anxiety from their doctor, only to be prescribed medication.

Blogulocautat: How do you see food? It’s an experience or a reflex?

Dayana Wang: (she smiles) I’m a big foodie! But sometimes, it’s hard for me to articulate how I view food and its role in my life. I typically follow intuitive eating habits, ensuring that every meal on my plate contains carbs, protein, fats, and veggies for fiber. I like to think of it as having a balanced percentage of everything, creating a colorful rainbow of veggies on my plate.

Blogulcăutat: In a few words, can you please describe yourself?

Dayana Wang: I’m incredibly diligent and never take anything for granted! My passion lies in motivating others, and I find fulfillment in comparing my progress to my past self. Prioritising others over myself is something I’ve always been reluctant to do.

Blogulcăutat: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Dayana Wang: Still very much employed, but I’ve been contemplating the idea of becoming self-employed. On a personal note, I’ve achieved all my goals—I’ve purchased my own flat, my car, and even got a furry feline friend. I traveled to Devon to pick up my cat, and I absolutely adore that furry little ball of joy.

Blogulcăutat: Any words for our readers?

Dayana Wang: Believe in yourself; everyone possesses their own unique charm. All it takes is patience to uncover it.

Blogulcăutat: One last question, which social media platforms do you use?

Dayana Wang: If you’re looking to book a personal training session and you reside in Reading, you can easily schedule a session with me through my website. If you want to follow my journey, you can find me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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