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Well if you haven’t got the news about fast fashion, let me give some major updates made by the European Parliament.To tackle the impact on the environment, the EU wants to reduce textile waste and increase the life cycle and recycling of textiles by 2050.

Simply put… we’re drowning in clothes. To illustrate, consider that in 2020, the textile consumption per person in the EU amounted to an average of: 400 m2 of land, 9 m3 of water, and 391 kg of raw materials. The consequence? A carbon footprint of approximately 270 kg.

I get it, the stats don’t look too great. So, what are the alternatives for fashion enthusiasts? Well, you could check out outlets, vintage shops, or maybe even borrow “that cute top from your sister’s drawer.”

Or, there’s the new digital option: Vinted.

Before penning down this article, I gave Vinted a whirl for two months. And you know what? As a bargain hunter, I absolutely fell in love with this app.

1. User friendly guidelines

Sometimes I find myself needing guidance for the most obvious things. Take, for instance, the time it took me to locate the option on Instagram to add the online status – quite the adventure! But with Vinted, setting up your profile and finding answers to common questions is a breeze thanks to its straightforward menu.

2. Ebay for clothes

Vinted operates on a similar principle to eBay. You browse through the listings and have the option to bid on items posted by users. You can either purchase the product at the listed price or place a bid for a lower amount. It’s up to the seller to accept or reject your offer, depending on how much of a bargain you’re aiming for.

3. Seamless process

So, you finally snagged that cute top you couldn’t find in your sister’s drawer, but luckily, it was on Vinted. You’ve paid for the item, and now it’s time to wait. But what’s happening behind the scenes? Well, it’s pretty straightforward.

Once you’ve made your payment, the seller will pack up your top and send it off via EasyBox. They have five working days to ship your item, otherwise, the order gets cancelled. Depending on where you are in the country, you can expect delivery in 1-2 working days. And when your order arrives, you’ve got a few days to decide if it’s a keeper.

4. Luxury items

For my fellow fashion enthusiasts seeking premium pieces, Vinted offers the perfect platform to discover luxury items at more affordable prices. Take designer bags, for instance—you can find them with certificates of authenticity at great discounts. Pretty cool, huh? Currently eyeing a Tote Bag from Marc Jacobs and one from Coach myself. Because who says you can’t treat yourself to another bag every now and then?

5. Saved items

You stumbled upon too many tempting items, but fear not—Vinted has your back. Simply save your favorites for later and keep them within reach. Plus, set up notifications to stay in the loop if any of your coveted pieces get snatched up. After all, that adorable little black dress you’ve been eyeing won’t wait around forever!

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